Monday, 29 May 2017

An FACup To Remember

So this weekend saw the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea.
As most of my followers know I like to enter competitions, I thought I would share my WINNING experience with you all. With all of my family being big Chelsea fans I was excited when I came  across a competition on the Lucky Learners Facebook group,  run by Di Coke , who's son was the lucky winner of the first round.

But this competition wasn't for me, it was for my grandson Jack.
Jack had to make a video of himself giving his team 'Chelsea' a team talk on how to win the FA Cup! 

The competition was run by Emirates.
It was for the chance to be a mascot for your team! 
So we set about doing a video.
 Jack did an excellent one we filmed it in just one take .
I managed to enter it a day before the 2nd draw 

Here is Jack's entry 

Imagine our delight when a week later we received a message on Instagram to say that he had won! 
Jack was at school when I found out so I had to to wait all day to tell him. As I had time on my hands I made a sign stuck it on the window and let him see it for himself .
Here is his reaction, it was priceless. 

On Saturday 27th May 2017 after a nights stay in a four star hotel,  Jack watched the players warm up before the match. After a ride on the Chelsea tour bus, Jack walked out on the pitch along side his favourite player Hazard.
What a dream come true! 

Jack was on the pitch with 4 other Lucky Learner's children who were all lucky enough to win this once in a lifetime experience!  
All of the kids did exceptionally well and I am sure it will be a day they will all be talking about for years to come.

The lucky mascots after arriving at Wembley 

OK I have to say it, Chelsea lost but we can over look that this time 
it was worth it to see the grin on Jacks face walking out the tunnel
with Hazard! Not to forget he saw Prince William in the flesh!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lindy My Life : Hop Skip And A Jump

Lindy My Life : Hop Skip And A Jump: Last weekend we was treated to a fun day out at Flip Out Brent Cross Flip Out is a fun Trampoline Park , suitable for children and adul...

Hop Skip And A Jump

Last weekend we was treated to a fun day out at
FlipOut is a new fun Trampoline Park ,
They have the biggest Trampolines in the UK 
It is suitable for all ages.
It's the newest must do craze for children,
my Grandsons could not wait to get there,
as they have been talking about
it for quite a while now wanting to go,
so we was delighted to get the chance to 
go along and try it out. 

FlipOut have the UK's biggest Trampolines 
and in their own words it is 
I can only agree with that statement,
i'm sure the kids would as well
As they really did have a FLIPPING BRILLIANT time 

There is so much more to do then just Trampling 

There is a Ninja Skills center 
where you can battle it out with your opponent Ninja Style
see who can hang swing and hold on the longest 

A Lazer Maze room to test your stealth skills 
to see who can beat the beam's
with different levels of play and static and moving beams
its a battle to see who gets the highest score
and comes out the winner  

Also a Zen Zone

for when you need a break
it includes a cafe, Meditation room and Sky lounge .
so while the kids are flipping about
mum and dad and take a rest and
have a well needed cup of tea.

Max loved running and tumbling into 
the soft foam pit getting out and
doing it all over again and again....

The Adults had great fun on the giant trampolines 

The older boys ran straight of to the higher jumps 
they said they had an awesome time 

FlipOut Brent Cross is situated on the Staples Corner
 Retail Park NW2 6LW .
 take a look at their other locations to find one near you. 

You can book a slot on line for either one or two 
hours,its really easy to do ,for under 18's 
a waiver must be signed for each person,
these can also be done online before you go 
this will save you time once your there.
Mini Flippers under 5 must have an adult with them
at all times 
Each flip out session is 1 hour long and costs £10 – £12.50
You must wear the Flip Out socks which can be purchased on site
at a cost £1.50 – £2.00 and are yours to keep .

Before your session you will watch a safety briefing giving the do’s and don’ts of the Trampoline Arena. The staff are first aid trained and on site at all times to keep you and others safe.
I have to say the first aid staff was great 
 Max managed to knee himself in the face 
giving himself a nose bleed 
 the staff was efficient helpful and knowledgeable
whist claiming max down and being extremely friendly 
They soon had Max laughing forgetting about his bleeding nose
and ready to start jumping all over again. 
We even got a follow up phone call 
the nest day to check up on him
which I thought was really good.

Not only is it fun its a great way to exercise and keep fit 
There are lots of   Health Benefits 
in trampolining ,why not click into the link to see
how you can benefit from this fun sport 

It is also a great venue to hold an adults or children's party 
all the party details can be found here 

So over all I would say FlipOut 
is a must do family day out
with the holidays approaching and our 
typical summer weather 
its great indoor fun &
 exercise for all the family to enjoy 

you can follow Flipout on 

Thank you for reading I would love to know 
if you will be visiting  Fliopout center near you 
so please leave me a comment and let me know

Monday, 3 October 2016

Linda's Bits Of This And Bits Of That: From Amorino With Love

Linda's Bits Of This And Bits Of That: From Amorino With Love: Yay! At last a decent luxury Gelato comes to Camden Town. With living in Camden, I am often looking for somewhere to go with the family ...

From Amorino With Love

Yay! At last a decent luxury Gelato comes to Camden Town.
With living in Camden, I am often looking for somewhere to go with the family
for a special treat. As you can imagine I was very happy to have seen this open close to home
 Amorio in Camden is the company's tenth UK boutique, 
Set in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Camden Town , 
it is bound to be a very popular place to go,

With its lovely decor, friendly staff and a mouthwatering 24 delicious flavours
 of Galeto and Sorbetti
that really do taste as great as they look,
I think its going to be a very popular place to go 
for tourist and locals like myself.

They do limited seasonal editions include Organic Sicilian Citrus, Caramello al Burro Salato, Mango Alfonso d’India, Lime Basil, Tiramisu, Mawardi Pistachio Sorbet, Dulce de leche and Cioccolatothat are well worth trying while they have them .

All the Sorbetti are vegan friendly which is fantastic as that
means vegans along with lactose intolerant's  wont have to miss out.
Along side these, they do Italian sweets treats and drinks,
Including 10 decadent  Italian hot chocolates 
with a good choice of tea's to choose from

along with sorbetti drinks and frappes made with two Galeto's of your choice.
They do amazing waffles and crepes that are freshly made while you wait,
with a topping of your choice ,
They do macaroons Al Galeto that just melt in your mouth

They do a great selection of cone's in different sizes, 
so your find something for all the family from little to big .
I loved the idea of the kid size little cone for little
hands who cant eat a large one

It's going to be a place to visit time and time again , the staff are super friendly and on hand to answer any questions and to demonstrate how they make their amazing 
Rose cones , they can do a rose cone with all 24 flavours 
now wouldn't that be a treat


The Manger Khurram Hussain is extremely knowledgeable
about the whole of the Amorino range ,  answered all our questions and 
offered lots of tasters .He was very friendly and 
you get the impression he is very passionate about Amorino 
and loves his job.
Myself  husband and Gransdson Max actually got to taste all 
24 amazing flavours, with all of them being so good it 
was hard to pick a favourite , I think mine has to be the Banana
along with seasonal edition of Walnut & Fig
my husband the chocolate and Max the Raspberry 

Friday, 30 September 2016



Yay i'm back up and running , after loosing my father a very busy summer major computer problems,I have not had the time or been able to blog,I am now back on track and up and running,I have couple of blog posts I am working on at the moment that will be up over the coming weekend ,